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Our mission is to provide healthcare for those experiencing homelessness and vulnerability. Please find information about our services below.

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Our friendly staff and volunteers are here to listen to your issues and needs and give expert advice.


General Health

To assist in identifying any current issues or risk factors which may require further health management by our team.


Sexually Transmitted Infection Treatment

Our team provides the opportunity to confidentially test, diagnose and treat sexually transmitted infections.
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Chronic Disease
Management & Support

Speak with our team to identify your health care needs, arrange services if required and set up a plan to action optimal health outcomes.

Wound Care

Each clinic is supported by an experienced nursing team, competent in providing wound care, education & support.


Keep vaccinations up to date and keep yourself protected throughout the year from harmful, life threatening disease. Speak to our team to arrange immunisations!
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Cervical Screening

Keep up to date with regular cervical screening tests to check the health of your cervix and participate to prevent cervical cancer.

Health Education & Promotion

Speak to our experienced, friendly and professional team about your health care journey. 

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Social Prescriptions

Our doctors and nurses can refer individuals to a range of local, non-clinical services via community referrals, as a way to support you to take greater control of your own health.


Our Values

Break down barriers

We are a team of innovative healthcare disruptors who break down barriers by disabling hierarchy and meeting people where they are at in their healthcare journey.

Empower authenticity

We empower our Sunny Street community to be authentic in their actions, communications, and relationships to foster genuine connections.

Foundation of gratitude

We deliver palpable kindness and compassion. We maintain self awareness to respectfully ‘lean in’ to a persons experience in a non-judgemental way.

Magic in relationships

We approach work and life with a positive, contagious energy which flows through our relationships within the Sunny Street community.  Our team culture is based upon laughter and fun to connect and deliver hope.

Make an Impact

We take our awareness of homelessness and vulnerability and share it with the world.  We give a voice to rarely heard people whose stories generate community change through education and research.


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