Where it all began…


Dr Nova Evans and Sonia Goodwin met in February 2017 whilst working in the Public Health System. Within their employed roles, they both worked as managers of services whose primary focus was to discharge people safely home from the hospital system.

In one particular influential experience they recount, one evening they viewed a documentary about a Palliative Care Doctor in India who had decided to assist the poorest of individuals on the streets by providing palliative care in a safe shelter, ensuring a dignified death. After this documentary, and whilst their current working roles were challenging and enjoyable, Nova and Sonia questioned whether they were truly reaching those individuals and families within the local community who were inherently vulnerable and were unable to access mainstream healthcare. 

As skilled leaders, managers and clinicians, they decided to search for a way to positively impact their local community’s healthcare at an individual, family and regional level and take action. In March 2018, Dr Evans & Sonia Goodwin resigned on the same day from their public sector managerial roles. They decided they had 20 – 30 years of their professional years left to make a difference as a Doctor and a Nurse and felt that they would be able to influence the healthcare system by creating a new model of care and working outside the system. 

Several weeks later, after many conversations with women in varying businesses, after spending time together discussing their professional drivers and passions, and viewing the shocking Australian Bureau of Statistics data on children under the age of 12 experiencing homelessness, the concept of Sunny Street evolved.  

Since then, the Sunny Street service has been spoken, written and actioned into existence! Sunny Street offers the chance for people to take the time and have a conversation with a Doctor and/or a nurse regarding their own lived experience of their unique health journey, their understanding of their health concerns/issues and their capacity to take action and affect their life in a positive and independent way. 

Nova and Sonia are excited about healthcare disruption, thinking outside the box for solutions to challenges and actioning change. Sunny Street is a Social Enterprise and commenced formally in Maroochydore on the 28th of July 2018.


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